Frequently Asked Questions

How should I record?
Your recording should be from a fixed camera angle behind the court. It's important that the whole court is visible and that the camera angle is at least 3 meters above the ground. The best way to experience Clutch is with the Clutch Cam, but you can also record your games with your phone.

If you're recording your own games, make sure that your match recording can be tracked by Clutch’s AI by following our recording guidelines.
How much does Clutch cost?
Access to AI-powered video analysis requires a Clutch Pro membership which costs €8.99/mo or €89/year (prices may vary depending on the country that you're in). Clutch also offers team deals which are cheaper per player. See more on our pricing page.
Can I upload matches from my computer?
Yes. You can log into your Clutch account on and upload matches directly to your app from there. This is just a web uploader to make it easier to upload video from the computer. We do not yet have any of the app's functionality built for the web.

Once the video has been uploaded through the website, you will see it in the matches section of your profile with a download button that you can tap on.
How long does it take for the AI to process my game?
The processing time corresponds roughly to the length of the match video, ie. for a 1 hour video, processing will take ~1 hour. Clutch will send you a notification when your game has finished processing.

We are constantly working to improve processing speed. Our goal at Clutch is to bring the AI to the edge - which means that the AI could be processing in real time while you record, either with the Clutch Cam or on your phone.