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The Clutch Cam

Bring the center court experience to your courts.

€12/mo service fee per camera, €144 billed annually
  • Broadcast-angle video on your court
  • AI-powered match analysis available to players
  • Get the best highlights from your courts
Requires high bandwidth wifi connection and power plug.
Sports supported indoor courts only
badminton rackets
paddel rackets
tennis rackets
pickball rackets
squash rackets
table tennis rackets
Tbl tennis
*AI coming for pickleball in 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included with the Clutch Cam?
The service fee covers some of Clutch’s costs related to the use of your camera, such as server bandwidth and storage of video from your camera.
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When is my camera recording?
The camera only records when a player who is physically present on court turns it on. The player can either manually stop the recording or set the camera to automatically stop after eg. 30 min. There’s a green light at the bottom of the camera that is visible whenever the camera is recording.
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Can any player use my camera?
Yes, any player that plays on your court can start the camera either by scanning the camera’s custom QR code or directly in the app. The camera uses Bluetooth signal to verify that the account starting the camera is physically present. It is recommended that you be closer than 10 meters to the camera when starting it.
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Why is it better to use the Clutch Cam than just recording yourself?
When we started Clutch we thought the same - people can just record themselves, right? We hadn’t quite appreciated how much friction it is to set up a broadcast-angle video on your court - and to do it every single time you play. Now clubs can install Clutch Cams on their courts once, providing their members with easy access to broadcast-level content whenever they play.
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What sports are the Clutch Cam available for?
While we currently only have AI processing for badminton, tennis & padel, the Clutch Cam is available for other sports such as pickleball, squash and table tennis. The Clutch Cam can be installed to provide easy access to great video on your court.
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What does it require to install a Clutch Cam on my court?
It requires access to a power outlet and high bandwidth internet. The camera comes with a mount. The setup usually takes around 10 min. per camera.